Maia SDR
An open-source FPGA-based SDR project focusing on the ADALM Pluto
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A screenshot of Maia SDR, showing a waterfall in the web browser
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Maia SDR currently provides a firmware image for the ADALM Pluto with the following functionality:

Though this is still limited functionality (more will come in the future), it already provides a "minimum viable product" that demonstrates some features that cannot be easily accomplished with other portable and affordable solutions.

Here is a deployment diagram of Maia SDR used with a portable device running a web browser.

Maia SDR deployment diagram

The FPGA design (maia-hdl) is written in Amaranth and includes:

A software application (maia-httpd) written in asynchronous Rust runs on the Zynq ARM CPU. It provides:

The UI is a web application (maia-wasm) written in Rust with WebAssembly. It uses WebGL2 to render the waterfall (see the waterfall demo).